flagging repair

We offer a range of slabs or flag repair options. Click here for further information from Paving Shield

Generally over a period of time flags can crack if they are used on a driveway. If passed over on a daily basis, once the sub base is worn from underneath the flags will begin to wobble and rock, when the rain and winter months arrive, this then freezes and expands. This is all happening as you drive your cars over it on a daily basis. Once the flags are wobbling they will need rebedding fairly quickly as the sub- base will soon wear away.

Another common problem that we encounter is that some flagged patios, such as Indian Stone or Natural stone require repointing every so often. Again, a common reason behind this is due to weather conditions. In a cold winter water will penetrate the joints, expand and pop the cement thus causing it to dislodge from the bond.

Power washing can also damage mortar joints, if the correct machinery is not used in the process.

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